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Benefits of IPE Wood Decking

Decking is a common practice among most house holds today. This is because it offers numerous benefits for your house. The common one is the fact that it makes the surface become smooth so that it is comfortable to walk on. Decking your house creates an ambiance that blends in well with that in your house so that there is some uniformity. Besides, when your wooden floor is well decked, then it means there is less groundwork needed when you want to modify. There are different types of wood that can be used for decking. For example we have the hardwood lumber ipe which is also known as the Brazilian walnut and traces its origin in South America. This wood is very popular for most types of construction for example furniture, wooden flooring among others.

This Brazilian walnut is an exotic kind of tree. It is a general sturdy type of tree. It is strong, hard and resistant to rot. Besides it is also not affected by unfavorable weather conditions. This makes it best for decking because it will withstand things such as spillages which tend to make some wood types to rot. This type of tree can last for up to 40 years. This combined with the fact that its density is two times that of other types of trees makes it the best. Ipe does not require any sort of maintenance, it is able to withstand insects and pest invasions for a period of up to 10 years. This means that there is no environment pollution for example by tree cutting that tends to degrade the environment.

There are numerous benefits that come about with ipe wood decking. The first is about the aesthetic benefit and appeal that it brings to the space or your house. There are various types of color rages that you can choose from, for example dark brown or the light shade depending on what you want. Also because of the smooth texture it makes the wood have, it makes the space more presentable. Besides it is also eco friendly in nature because wood is a renewable resource because trees can be grown again. When you use ipe for wood decking it brings in the aspect of durability. For example it is rated class A resistant to damage by fire. There are also the synthetic forms of decking where plastic is used. You can choose either since price difference is not huge. Click here for more details:

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